The Cyberhood Watch Program Is Your Neighborhood's New Internet Security Protection For Children and Their Family's Worldwide.

Everything Is Not Okay... It's Easier For Online Pedophiles And Predators To Gain Your Children's Trust Than It Is For Me To Convince You To Protect Them By Simply Securing Their Computers.

Cybercrime And Its Pervasiveness Is Becoming The Scourge Of The Internet, And You Can Stop It. Technology And Cybercriminals Are Moving Fast For The Sole Purpose Of Financial Gain.

Sit Back And Relax, Enjoy A Hassle Free Computer Experience And Let The Security Experts Protect You,Your Family, And Business.

Learn To Become A Responsible Cybercitizen...

Click On The "Managed Security" Button, Look For And Click On The Hacker Safe Invisus Logo, Run The Spyware Test, Listen To The Audio, And Subscribe To The Best Fully Managed Computer Security Service Available. It Is A Proven Fact, The Service Will Save You Time And Money. And It May Just Spare Your Family, Or A Loved One, A Lifetime Of Heartaches.

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New Internet Security BYTE Back Stop Cybercrime Use A Managed Security Service

New Internet Security: Knowledge is Power- Cybercrimes 19 Million skilled hackers DON'T want You knowing this, so they can infiltrate YOU. Learn more

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Now Available Managed Security Services For Home And Business Computer Security

Hackers Know IT Managed Security Services Are The Best Computer Security Solution And Cyber Safety Protection Available

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WiFi Wireless Security

WiFi Wireless Security Is Lke Being On A Walkie-Talkie - Everybody Is Listening - This Is The New WWW... Wireless Without Worries

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The Internet Worm...Don't Get Hooked!

Got A Computer Worm? Caught It Phishing? Don't Become Internet Bait...Starve A Hacker

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NO More Viruses! I Have Experts To Manage All My Computer Security. Do You?

Computer Viruses Or Malicious Codes Are No Longer My Worries; My Team Of Security Experts Handles All My Security Issues

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Spyware Is The Scourge Of The Internet And Your Consenting To Spyware Downloads

Spyware Is The Illegal Wiretapping Of Your Computer Security And The Hacker’s Cyber-Hook To Spyware Is I AGREE. Are You Consenting To Be Spied On? Learn More…

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Stop Malicious Code Preserve Your Internet

Great Internet Security Like This Renders Malicious Code Writers Impotent

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Identity Theft - It's Your Identity...Defend It!

Complete Identity Monitoring Protection Against Identity Theft

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GLBA, Is It For You? The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Are You Compliant

Could You Explain The GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) To Your Friend And What Is Required So They Wouldn't Get Into Trouble?

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Best-of-Breed Technology vs Suite Technology

Best-of-Breed vs. Suite, Which Technology Offers Security And Peace Of Mind?

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The CyberHood Watch Community

Attention...Parents, Grandparents, Trusted Adults, Educators are all welcome to evaluate the new CyberHood Watch Community.

Children are walking about with loaded pocket PCs capable of causing his or her child harm. Knowing how to empower your child to make better informed decisions in the digital age is an important topic for parents.

The CyberHood Watch Community listens and provides solutions.

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Michael Jackson's Farewell

As a CyberHood Watch partner, I cannot condone the alleged charges filed against Michael Jackson. That is all I have to say about that; however, I was part of the era that Micheal Jackson influenced.

I remember my brother and his girlfriend (now his wife)getting one of the first Thriller videos, and watching it for the first time. All of us recognized the birth of a new cultural event.

It was a great time for our generation, and full of excitement. The passing of Michael Jackson today is only a reminder of how quickly time flies, and how music marks a place and time in our lives.

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Your Security Begins At Your Finger Tips

The CyberHood Watch partners have been advocating cyber security for years. However, we continuously talk about cyberspace as one of the most urgent national security problems facing America and the new administration, which we agree is a concern.

However, it is made out to be this ominous task bigger than life.

Yet, here I sit, typing this comment on the very weapon that will supposedly be used to threaten our security.

If my computer, like all of yours, is a potential weapon, which are estimated to make up eighty per cent of the Internet. Doesn’t it seem logical that we focus on keeping our personal computers (the end-users) locked down with professional (Enterprise) grade software, along with good parenting (behavioral modification) by empowering our children and families on proper etiquette for safe and civil online behaviors?

We teach and help to empower the end-users to become responsible cybercitizens.

In other words, your personal computer does not become the new digital weapon of choice nor does it become a zombie computer, used in botnets as a weapon to attack others. Moreover, those on the internet, starting with our children, should be taught how to practice civility.

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Here Is An Added Value For All Real Estate Brokerages

Attention all Brokers - Associate Brokers - Agents - and all your clients. After eighteen years in real estate, fifteen of those years as Broker/Owner of First American Realty Group, L. C., I am now your Online Security Authority.You read that right... do yourself and your clients a favor. If they're not important enough, do it for your children and your clients children. You want to maintain a presence all year round in your clients face 24/365 - protect their children. David C Ballard

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Responsible CyberCitizens Wanted

db Security launching, (RCC), Thursday, July 31st, 2008. RCC is a new community service based website where civility reigns and like-minded citizens call home to an active community implementing responsible changes which empowers children, parents, and professionals (our New Net-Generation) in the 21st century.

db Security Inc. founders, Bill Wardell and David C. Ballard, said, "Our first grass roots goal is to entrust one cybercitizen from each state as a representative in their respective community, you'll find your state under "Groups" in "RCC North America". The RCC community looks forward to building a relationship with you.

We're wondering which state will have the first and most Responsible CyberCitizens. Don't count us - we already got a head start.

If you've heard us on, then you know, we'll also share with you our guest's wisdom; it's all part of being a RCC.

We're building relationships, that build a community, that build an effective voice for change, for the well being of your children, their parents, professional, and the preservation of a safe Internet.

We Welcome You...

Dave and Bill

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"I'm A Victim Of Identity Theft... Please Believe Me!"

You have no idea how significant those words are going to be if or when you become a victim of Identity Theft. And those who are victims of Identity Theft understand them all too well.

Here are a couple of solid tips on Identity Theft, shared with the CyberHood Watch, when we interviewed Utah's Chief Deputy Attorney General, Kirk Torgensen.

1. The #1 opportunity for an identity thief is the mail. Consider a locked mailbox, a post office box, and outgoing mail with the flag up is a high-five for an identity thief. Drop it off at the Post Office or a secure mail box. Kirk suggested paying your bills over the Internet which limits your exposure and safeguards important bills from being snatched.

2. The 2nd opportunity for an identity thief is trash. Dumpster diving is still a major choice of identity thieves and so is your personal trash. Do you know what makes good trash for an identity thief? Get a good shredder.

Want to learn more about what Chief Deputy Attorney General, Kirk Torgensen, had to say then visit the link below. Kirk was our guest on and covered a lot of interesting tid-bits for all of you.

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It's About Being A "Responsible CyberCitizen"

It seems all too often we are reactive to cybercrime, and always two-and-a-half steps behind organized cybercrime and the cybercriminal world. And I don't see us getting in front and preventing or stopping organized cybercrime anytime soon.

We are the majority (80%)... the end-users, and our computers are the foundation of the Internet. Its individuals like you and I who dominate the Internet and yet we are the most vulnerable and least protected. It doesn’t make sense, and that should be a grave concern.

Here's why, there are organized groups that develop and operate software to seek out and take control of your computers. Their goal is to do it without your knowledge and with the least interference to your computer as possible. What cybercriminals are taking from you is your bandwidth, and stealing a portion of your hard drive.

Confiscating your bandwidth and hard drive establishes a platform to send out spam and pornography. And if caught, you are guilty until proven innocent.

When this happens your computer is considered a “zombie”; under total control of the hacker. When the criminal controls tens of thousands of computers, he now commands what is called a "botnet" (thousands of zombie computers).

It is important to understand the power of a "botnet". An organized group of botnets directed at global infrastructures or a country's infrastructure is a real threat to life support – financial institutions – power grids– airways – real chaos, etc.

So, instead of being reactive let's be proactive and strengthen the 80%, the weak links in the Internet system, people like you and your children, who are not properly protected or educated on how to be safe online and offline as it relates to the Internet.

The CyberHood Watch recognized the significance of providing the education and setting the standards of what it means to be a "Responsible CyberCitizen".

So, I’d like to ask you, "What comes to mind when you hear the phrase, "Responsible CyberCitizen"?

Visit any of our sites and tell us what you think, you can make a difference:

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Meet Utah's Deputy Chief Attorney General, Kirk Torgensen

I can't believe that I let my other new projects get the best of New Internet Security. However, I certainly have not been idle. As a matter of fact, my new partner, Bill Wardell, and I have developed several new information portals on your children and their family's online and offline Internet safety.

One of our projects has been our live radio show: We have done many shows with local and National guests. Each of our guests are authorities in their own fields and have come on the show to share their years of wisdom with you, our listeners, on how to become "Responsible CyberCitizens".

Our last guest was Utah's Chief Deputy Attorney General, Kirk Torgensen. You can read my post at the link below and/or listen to, or download the interview as an audio file to your Ipod.

Be sure to check out what we've been doing and what's kept me busy and away from New Internet Security: - - just to name a few of our new sites.

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The DMV Will Find Out... Is It Really Your Face? Or The Face Of An ID Theif?

Well, maybe it's a step in the right direction. On the surface it seems logical but, to tell you how I really feel these days it seems good technology always carries a double-edged sword.

It makes sense that anytime you apply, renew, or replace your driver's license your picture is scanned and matched to your previous license issued under your name or to any other driver's license with a different name.

The double-edged sword are the privacy issues which may lead to intrusive surveillance and tracking of individuals.

However, we will see greater use and application of facial-recognition. The next frontier will be sharing photographs and facial-recognition capabilities between states to uncover individuals who hide behind multiple identities.

The advantage of this will be creating a defense in the prevention of Identity Theft. Its already uncovered 5,000 cases of multiple identity fraud since its inception in 1999 at the Illinois Secretary of State office for license renewal.

"MEGS To GIGS" --- KIZUNA --- "Ties and Bounds"... Internet Warp Speed Is Not Far Off

The New Internet Society with Satellites launched today, February 23 at 5:55. KIZUNA named by the people of Japan means "link" to tie their people together and bind them by the Internet.

There is no argument that the Internet is now an integral part of our everyday lives. But for some in remote areas of the world it is difficult to obtain because of varying infrastructures. A comparison would be large metropolitan areas where availability to the Internet is easily accessible as opposed to mountainous areas or remote islands, which are limited mainly due to the cost of the infrastructure.

The KIZUNA (WINDS) bypasses the costly infrastructure because it requires ground equipment that is affordable. The installation of a small antenna (about 45 cm in diameter) at your house will allow you to receive data at up to 155 Mbps and transmit data at up to 6 Mbps. Services for organizations and companies can install larger antennas of about 5 meters and receive super high-speed data communications of up to 1.2 Gbps.

As I've said before, "We are only limited by our imagination when it comes to the future of the Internet". What we develop and what we permit is yet to be determined. With all the wonderful benefits of super high-speed Internet which will allow us to reach the masses and particularly remote areas. KIZUNA will allow us to bring them "remote medicine" and allow for "remote academics", and the ability to cope with disasters by swift communications through space. KIZUNA is relatively unaffected by disasters because of it doesn't rely on earth bound infrastructures.

Unfortunately, the super high-speed will also excite and aid cybercriminals and organized crime. Eighty per cent of the Internet is made up of everyday people and still the majority of you are inadequately protected. Recently, we interviewed Ed Mcgarr ( past executive for Novell and Senforce and he endorses a Managed Security for home computer users. McGarr discussed security from the corporate perspective but, he also related to the end users the majority of which are families and small business owners and what can be done to protect them. Check out his interview...

My partner Bill and I know that what we do, will one day intervene and save one child from a lifetime of torment because a thief stole their innocence. We believe if we provide enough information for parents, grandparents, and teens to arm that child we can help them avoid an online predator.

Become a "Responsible Cybercitizen".

Check out these sites: http://www.CyberHoodWatch.ning.comhttp://www.YourIdentityDefendIt.com

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Who Is Asking Your Child To Be Their Valentine Online?

There is a saying, “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got!” So if you keep on living the way you are living, you will keep right on with the life that in many ways you wish was changing! So how do you change your life? You change what you are doing!

Although I'm not here to have you change your life, I am here to tell you that if you don't change at least one habit cybercriminals will keep right on stealing from you. And if you think you have nothing to steal you're wrong. If you had nothing on you computer; I mean literally nothing but empty programs, you still have a very valuable commodity to steal. It's your bandwidth; processing speed and hard drive that cybercriminals and organized crime desires and I would bet that most of you reading this have computers that are not adequately equipped to fend them off, not even the novice computer thief. Most of you are pretty easy pickings.

Cybercriminals will steal a portion of you hard drive and use it as their platform to send out spam, use your computer along with thousands of others for Denial of Service, and/or to send out pornography from your computer and all this is done without your knowledge or permission. And by the way, you are responsible and if caught, you are guilty until proven innocent.

So, if you don't want to go through an arduous learning curve of becoming your own IT security specialist then I suggest what many others, including myself, my family, and yes even my mother have done, subscribe to a subscription-based managed computer security service. Pick what is best for you and then let the experts handle it all for you. It's a smart NEW concept that will provide you years of hassle-free safe and secure computing while you Simplify Your Life, Defend Your Identity and Secure Your Lifestyle. Fall in love with your computer and the Internet all over again.

So, if there is one habit to change it's becoming a better "Responsible Cybercitizen", and it's easy with Your team of IT security experts at your service and the free support from the "The CyberHood Watch" network. Find out more about the "The CyberHood Watch" network every Tuesday at 11:00 MST and join Dave & Bill on live Internet Radio at:

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With Such A Need For Identity Monitoring...One Bad Apple Can Spoil The Integrity Of All The Rest

This is a prime example why Network Marketing companies receive negative publicity, because of some independentassociate's lack of research or lack of integrity. How simple would it have been for the Roseburg woman herself to make that call to the Attorney General's office for clarification?

It's not a secret Identity Theft is a significant problem and not just within the United States but worldwide. It's costing consumers billions of dollars each year. Not to mention the hardships of repairing your good name and the countless frustrating hours to restore your identity. And there's a genuine need for a valuable service that will provide Identity Monitoring especially for families and children. Learn more about Identity Theft at:

However, because of this individual's carelessness, not only has she been brought to the forefront but, so is the Network Marketing industry. Here lies the problem, suppose I owned a shoe store and sent out fliers stating that the Attorney General recommended my shoes for anyone considering doing any type of running. So, when the cease-and-desist order arrives and I become a source of media coverage it's a reflection on me and my business, not on the shoe industry. But in the case of an independent rep, it becomes a blemish not only on me, the corporation I'm an independent rep for, but also on the Network Marketing industry. The Network Marketing industry provides great opportunities for many honest independent reps to earn a viable source of additional or full-time income for marketing a corporation's products or services. But, like any business with employees or independent distributors there are those that are honorable and those that lack integrity.

Hopefully, this will not deter others to search out subscription-based services that provide real-time identity monitoring.

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Just How Much Is Your Privacy Worth? Microsoft Has Put A Value On It...

Microsoft considers your Attention Data, your personal habits and/or your personal information worth $4,999.90/year.

Actually, that is not totally accurate, because Microsoft only wants three months of watching your every computerstroke and more... in exchange for $1,249.95 of products and software.

Why would Microsoft be willing to give you this value in exchange for watching you?

It has to do with Attention Profiling Mark-Up Language (APML). At first glance, it seems to be a collection hot targeted data of individuals' interests and dislikes, sorted and sifted to discover what and how to best serve and interpolate our "Attention Data" as a valuable commodity.

Whatever the reasons, we need to become more aware of the cost of the things we do or don't do and the value it is to companies. Our attention is valuable and companies understand this and with the advent of Internet marketing is it more valuable than ever before. If at any time you searched for something, and I could deliver the exact information, backed with the desired service or product you want; how valuable would that be?

I would imagine Microsoft will require your consent and permission to make use of your "attention data". So, how much is it worth for your personal information and habits?

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There Is Nothing More Powerful Than An Idea Whose Time Has Come... Good Or Bad.

Computers were built for tremendous processing capabilities, not built for security. When was it that you first realized that computers would impact all of us and become an intrical thread of everyday life? How is it that we find ourselves in the midst of a whole new era of technology; instant pocket communications. And it seems that these electronic devices have become the standard portal for the new criminal-lords-of-cyberspace.

It's interesting to follow what industries or cottage industries that surface throughout different trends and see what sprouts-up to accompany them. I saw a seed of unlimited imagination when I first brushed-up against the computer and it was about the same time I first used the fax machine; my sophomore year of college in 1970. It was a catalyst that wowed me and peeked my interest and sparked my imagination forever.

How is it today this technology can be so manipulated to source $400 billion dollars worlwide in criminal activities? It always seems that bad somehow corrupts or at least taints good.

The time has come once again to enjoy a hassle-free computing experience; make your life on your computer simple again. There is no going back: cybercrime is now more profitable than illegal drug-trafficking in the U.S. (U.S. Treasury) and to harvest stolen identities is a prime target for cybercriminals financial gain.

Telephones - Radios - Television - Cable - Computers - Internet - Web 2.0 - Cell Phones - PDAs... are all ideas whose times have come. As marvelous as all these technologies are, somebody somewhere finds a way to use them and cheat his fellow man: nothing new or revolutionary, just the way it is.

If it wasn't so, I wouldn't have spent the last few years advocating the need for families and small business owners to defend themselves against cybercriminals and once again enjoy a hassle-free computing experience. Maybe the mounting frustrations of having your computer always running slow, constant annoying pop-ups, and the never ending junk emails, or the concern that some hacker's program/software is monitoring your every keystroke might just be enough for you to take action. And it doesn't involve hauling your PC into some shop, leaving it longer than agreed to and paying more than you should.

Subscription-based services, there here, and one of those value added services that surfaced because of new trends that brought about our nemesis of the Internet: cybercriminals. You can ignore it, deny it, or believe it happens to someone else but, for those of you who understand the peace of mind of assurance as well as insurance then there is help to resolve these issues and simplify one's life. Let the experts take care of all your computer needs... One Low Monthly Fee.

It's your family - your computer - your personal information - your identity - and your hard earned money... Defend It.

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FTC Report: Identity Theft Report; Criticized

I agree with Avivah Litan, an analyst and market researcher at Gartner. The numbers that the FTC reported are unreliable. The FTC claims that 8.3 million adults, or 3.7%, of all Americans over the age of 18, were victims of identity theft in 2005; a far cry less than the 10 million reported in 2003. That seems unlikely in light of the immediate skepticism from computer security experts. Frankly, I agree with the security experts. With the surge of cybercrime; development of technologies in third world countries, and the nefarious need for cybercriminals financial gain, these trends all feed an increase in identity theft: not less.

Litan released a report that estimates the number of American adults that had their identity stolen to be 15 million, in the 12-month period ending in August 2006.

I do agree with Lydia Parnes, director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, that no one is immune to identity theft, no matter where you are.

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A Gift From New Internet Security And OSA For All Parents With Kids On MySpace

Block MySpace vs Our Gift To Help Educate The Cyberhood Kids To Be Cyber Savvy

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Cyber Bullying... A Tragic Outcome...It Could Be Your Child.

When I read the enclosed account of a young high school boy driven to the edge, who took his own life because he felt there was no other way to avoid the cyber bullying... it saddened me.

Cyber bullying goes far beyond the old days of being taunted and teased on the playground and saved by the recess-bell. Having parents, teachers, or friends intervene on your behalf and putting a stop to it was the method to curb such behavior.

However; with the onset of cell phone cameras and the Internet, traumatic events or false rumors once uploaded to the web are forever available for the world to see over-and-over again. These videos become permanent and constant torments to spread lies, demeaning kids' characters, capturing and exposing young adults in embarrassing situations that in many cases profoundly demoralize these adolescence's personal characters, which are at times staged and organized by mean thoughtless individuals.

There are steps we all can take to help our youth understand the consequences of their actions and the personal sorrows inflicted on their peers and that begins with the education of our children, their parents and the educators.

Check out the enclosed article for further suggestions...

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Peer-To-Peer Network...P2P...If You're Sharing Files --- You Could Be Sharing Your Identity And Your Hard Earned Cash

BIG TIP...Use An Old Computer For Your File-Sharing.

When you use popular file-sharing services such as LimeWire, BearShare, Kazaa, or Morpheus you put yourself at risk of sharing your personal information and becoming a victim of identity theft. Here's what typically happens. When you download the programs necessary to access the P2P services, an individual will usually create the file to download to, in their "My Document" file. Problem arises that the P2P file is now in the same location along with all their other personal files which now become available for hackers to access.

Just recently, a 35-year old Seattle man, Gregory Kopiloff, pleaded guilty to charges of identity theft by using LimeWire to access and steal tax forms, credit reports, and student loan applications. With the stolen information he set up dummy credit accounts to buy and sell more than $73,000 in merchandise on the Internet.

Citigroup incurred a data breach in which 5,200 customer accounts were leaked by an employee using LimeWire. And Pfizer had 17,000 current and former employees leaked because a spouse had downloaded file-sharing software onto a company laptop.

Another case that involved identity theft, racketeering, and computer crime against a Denver group, pleaded guilty to racketeering. They had obtained access through LimeWire to acquire financial records and used the money to purchase methamphetamines, according to the indictment. This is an alarm and should be a wake-up-call to the future potential of a widespread use of identity theft for meth addicts to support their habit.

For those who want to use P2P services, experts say to use a separate computer just for file sharing. There are plenty of good second-hand computers that could be used for file-sharing.

Those responsible for providing the P2 P services are attempting to resolve the problems and develop best practices for the industry with regards to inadvertent file-sharing as well as develop software that will provide warning icons that will tell users how many files are being shared.

Nonetheless, just be aware that Peer-To-Peer or P2P is a potential for identity theft and loss of finances.

For the best Identity Monitoring available, much more than just credit monitoring, check out the Invisus "iDefend" at

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WARNING...Cyber-Criminals Are Becoming More Sophisticated In Their Methods Of Stealing Your Personal Information.

I can't tell how often I read statements like this all the time. Ironically and somewhat frustrating the message broad casted to the general public is still heard as white noise. It's always someone else's problem. It's going to be your problem or someone you love soon, if you're not taking precautions to actively protect yourself or have a service to manage your security for you. It's available... either do it yourself or have someone do it for you.

What has been suggested to the corporate world is to combine privacy and security for fewer breaches. And finally there is a service available for families and small business owners called a managed computer security subscription-based service. It's not complicated -- it's letting experts take care of all your computer hassles, so you don't have to.

Microsoft is calling attention to the sophistication of organized criminals' intent on cracking the bank vault compared to yesterday's hackers who wanted to spray paint walls. These are ruthless cybercriminals out for financial gain... it's your money and your identity... defend it.

The new virtual thugs are not bound by any borders and are working in a limitless cyberspace open to everyone and they prey on human weaknesses and their gullibility.

Your computer may be a zombie and part of a botnet used in criminal activities without your knowledge. And you are liable and also at risk. What do you do? Lock down your computer and make sure you're not part of a botnet used for spamming or a host to send out pornography.

Free tools still need someone who knows how to use them effectively and often need the support of an IT security technician. And the old adage you get what you pay for was coined for a reason. You need more than a band aide with today's cybercriminals. You need Professional (Enterprise) grade technologies coupled with a team of IT security experts to call on anytime you need help, for one low monthly fee. That kind of service will simplify your life and afford you a hassle-free computing experience once again.

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How timely, a new Senate Bill that targets Identity Theft in October; National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

The Identity Theft Enforcement and Restitution Act of 2007 proposes to eliminate the minimum requirement of $5,000.00 worth of loss - remove the requirement that information must have been stolen from another state or county - expanding the definition of cybercrime to include threatening to obtain or release information from a protected computer and demanding money in relationship to a protected computer to facilitate extortion and a few more additional proposals.

The current bill focused on disclosure responsibilities of compromised organizations of their sensitive information while the proposed additions seem to aid in the pursuit restitution.

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Bullying Is No Longer Contained Within The School Playground. Your Kid's Playground Is Global For All To See...

"Adolescent cruelty has moved from the school yard, the locker room, the bathroom wall and the phone onto the internet".

It was bad enough to suffer the humiliation of an individual or group of bullies on the playground during recess. But, as bad as it was for the moment the act usually ended with the recess bell and may have carried on until a teacher or parent intervened. However, today it is forever and it is global for the world to witness.

With cell phone cameras and the Internet, one bully or a group can permanently harass forever your son or daughter for a very very long time.

It's called "Cyberbullying" and it has been to some young teens so traumatic that they have committed suicide over the incidents. Some cyberbullying can be aggressive and mean, frightening young teen girls. The methods may vary from compromising, personal IMs, to embarrassing pictures posted on social networks.

Parents need to become aware and talk to your children.

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It's Like Hanging A Padlock On Your Door With The Combination Sticker Still On the Back...

There's an old commercial brought to mind here, "when Sophos whispers... everyone should listen". It's article after article, post after post about Facebook and their privacy issues and the clueless and naive that are sitting ducks and seduced into the arms of predators. Not a pretty picture or a comforting thought is it.

How could you not know the significance of withholding your private information and are we permitting the social networks to allow it to happen? Like Sophos pointed out, it's not just the individual that's putting themselves at risk but, the companies they work for are now vulnerable to corporate ID fraud.

What is it, a lack of education or just denial that perpetuates the ongoing spewing of personal information totally ignoring the experts, like Sophos and their warnings. So now what? Does Facebook heed the advice of Sophos and implement some of the suggestions made. If not, then what? SurfControl has already calculated the cost to businesses at $5 billion annually but, what about the loss of innocence among our youth? I'm sure there are a number of young individuals who live with some horrible torment because of a particular event that abducted their innocence.

Sophos happens to be part of the Invisus best-of-breed technology that is pioneering the first subscription-based hassle-free computer service for families and small business owners. Finally, managing your computer has become simple in a complex Internet world. Invisus recently announced four new subscription-based services including iDefend: a whole-identity protection, not just your credit. It's Your Identity...Protect It! Learn more about iDefend - check out the October 3rd post.

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True Identity Protection Is What Is Really Needed...Not Just Credit Monitoring And Identity Theft Recovery Assistance. PART 2 of 2

The ultimate service will provide Credit Monitoring - Identity Monitoring - Full Identity Recovery - and Legal Services Plan membership not just to help you but, to prosecute and incarcerate the identity thieves.

Credit monitoring will monitor all three credit bureaus for you, notify you of any suspicious activity, provide free credit reports from all 3 bureaus sent to your home several times each year and assist you in reading and understanding your reports.

Identity Monitoring will track your name and social security number, not your credit report. The monitoring will include proactive screening of thousands of public records, national databases, and underground Internet black markets and provide the customer with an "Identity Risk Score"... your vulnerability rating.

Full Identity Recovery covers all types of Identity theft and provides a personal recovery advocate assigned to you who handles everything for you: research, paperwork, disputes, credit repair... everything. It's a personalized recovery plan that also coordinates with law enforcement to track down your thief and put them behind bars. In addition the service includes $25,000 identity theft expense reimbursement insurance.

Finally, "True Identity Protection" will include a "Legal Services Plan Membership that provides you advice, reviews of legal documents, written letters on your behalf, unlimited phone and face-to-face conversations, discounted and fixed legal fees for more extensive matters and representation and many other benefits.

There is a new service that provides all this. It's called "iDefend". If you like more information call me: (801) 521-4111

PART 2 of 2

True Identity Protection Is What Is Really Needed...Not Just Credit Monitoring And Identity Theft Recovery Assistance. PART 1 of 2

Identity theft is a huge problem, it is the fastest growing white collar crime in the world (FTC) and you are more likely to become a victim of identity theft than you are to be in a car accident or develop heart disease. (2000 Census; 2004 Bureau of Transportation Statistics; 2006 FTC Report)

Young adults between 18 and 25, especially college students, are the most vulnerable group for identity theft, accounting for 29% of all identity theft victims. (2006 FTC Report) And 75% of the counties in the U.S. use social security numbers on public documents. Unfortunately, 12% of identity theft victims end up with a wrongful criminal record.

Since January of 2005 over 165 million records containing personal information such as social security numbers, drivers licenses, date of birth, bank account #s, etc., were lost or stolen from companies, organizations and agencies nationwide. That's 55% of the total U.S. population.

Identity theft is the greatest threat to your personal privacy and your financial security today: Do Not Ignore It!

And be aware that credit fraud is NOT true identity theft, it is only 33% and only the tip of the iceberg. Beneath that tip is 67% which is the non-credit identity theft: medical expenses, Social Security benefits, checking accounts, driver's licenses, bankruptcy, 401k, passports, etc.

You should know that "Credit Monitoring" does NOT prevent ID theft, along with "credit fraud alerts which is only a small part of the problem.

The truth is you Can Not prevent identity theft but, you can protect yourself against the devastating consequences of identity theft.

What is "True Identity Protection"? It's about protecting your "whole identity", not just your credit. Identity protection is protection for your whole family and proactively watching out for all forms of identity theft, including credit fraud. And in the event the unthinkable does happen you have trained professionals in place with a truly comprehensive identity recovery service to handle it all for you from beginning to end.

There is a new service that provides all this. It's called "iDefend". If you like more information call me: (801) 521-4111

PART 1 of 2

What Would Make A Believer Out Of You...? Losing Your Entire Savings Or Maybe Watching Your Child Cuffed And Hauled Off To Jail Because There Was Child Pornography On His/Her Computer Without His/Her Or Anyone's Knowledge?

A recent study by McAfee and the National Cyber Security Alliance found that 78 percent of consumers PCs in the U.S. are not protected against malware attacks. And ironically 93 percent of these consumers think they are protected. How crazy is this, to think that you're safe, especially when using inadequate, off-the-shelf entry level software. Do you believe even for a moment that hackers or cybercriminals today are amateurs? It's costing the U.S. consumers 67 billion dollars a year. These are not amateurs, these are well organized cybercriminals out for financial gain at the consumers' expense.

Granted, you do need layered software technologies: Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall (bi-directional), Updates, Upgrades, and Automatic Patch Updates. Even with all these measures how do you know they're effective? Do you have a personal security technician to evaluate your computer and make sure everything is working well? Technology alone is not enough, not in today's world and certainly not with the level of sophisticated cybercriminals today. You've got to have expert security IT support with technology if you going to defend yourself adequately, there's no other alternative. However, you can have your cake and eat it too. There is an alternative to getting back the simple computer days and enjoy once again a hassle-free computing experience. It's simple, find the best technologies available, align yourself with the best team of security experts that will monitor all your computer needs as well as monitoring your credit and identity, and provide an insurance policy to back it all up and cover expenses to restore your identity if stolen.

It's available and affordable for the consumers... check it out: It's the first subscription-based computer security service for families and small business owners. Call me if you have any questions.

Also, check out "Best-of-Breed vs Suite"

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Are We Just As Guilty Of All The Innuendos Placed On "BIG BROTHER" Surveillance...Or Are We The New-Big-Brothers...The Accummulation Of A Bunch Of "LITTLE BROTHERS" And Their Surveillance On One Another?

A New-Big-Brother... where will this take us? I hope more of us start paying attention to the all the new technologies that are fast approaching.

New Internet technologies are welcomed and their applications are exciting. Then suddenly its intended use is misused and we're dealing with some criminal application. I realize that this is generic but, is true in several other areas; the discovery of a new drug only to find it later misused on the streets.

The New-Big-Brother and the threat to our personal privacy may be all of us with our camera phones and evolving into a new-digital-society invading each others personal privacy. And it may be happening gradually, just below the radar, and no one is particularly paying attention until it becomes too invasive.

Along with the subtle, "pervasive presence of technology and its unprecedented capacity to surreptitiously track the lives of others", said Jennifer Stoddard, federal Privacy Commissioner that such stealth surveillance with tiny little cameras, radio chips (RFID), global positioning satellites, and online data mining is all of our concerns and something we should be paying close attention to before we lose control.

We are not far from relinquishing the keys-to-the-Internet. We need to be prudent and careful not to turn ordinarycitizens into spying on one another, the new vigilante of the neighborhood, in-your-face and I'm telling the world about you and your-doings and going-ons.

Don't let the new technologies and their vast potential for benefit be clouded or tainted by the pervasive dark sidethat exist on the Internet and cannot be ignored.

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Okay, Say "Cyber Crime" Isn't Bigger Than Illegal Drugs -- Is It Big Enough To Still Be A Problem?

I'm guilty; as an Invisus advocate for Internet safety, I've quoted the Reuters journalist several times. I certainly don't want to perpetuate any meme and for that I am grateful to Richard Stiennon's for pointing that out. However, let's not forget "Cyber Crime" is a BIG problem and whether or not DeWalt, the CEO of McAfee, embellishes an argumentative quote, right or wrong... cyber crime is a pervasive threat and that we can all agree on.

Stiennon's clarification on the consolidation of security vendors and their companies also makes sense. That won't occur until "companies evolve until they all supply the same products and services with very little differentiation".

So, in the meantime what do we offer the public in the way of security that's equivalent to what governments, government agencies, and the Fortune 500 companies are using? That's what's important, not degrees of how much bigger cyber crime vs illegal drug trade is -- they're both huge.

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What's In Your Bank's Terms Of Agreement?

Most of us are aware that there is a $50 maximum liability limit for our credit card providing we inform our financial institution within a certain time period. However, with online banking, it may not be that simple. I have made reference many times to the importance of reading your Terms of Agreement, as difficult as they are to read. And there is a good reason they are full of legalese and confusing verbiage.

Nonetheless, you may find out that there are specific protocols to adhere to when doing your online banking. You may be asked, "Did you follow and fulfill the terms of your agreement, which may include clearing your cache, changing your password periodically, having proper security technologies (anti spyware, firewall, anti virus, etc.).

So, know your banks security requirements and don't jeopardize your eligibility for fraud reimbursement. The banks may verbalize how safe they are but, unless you play by their rules, you're not covered.

Make sure you have a good managed computer security service, like the Invisus PC security. It will probably surpass any bank required terms of agreement.

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It Might Be Easier To Purchase An Online Cyber Crime Kit And Leave You A Big Bold Message...YOU'RE NOT PROTECTING YOURSELF!

I'll keep you informed and keep reminding you of a premium service that will manage all your computer security needs. You can sit back, relax, enjoy a hassle-free computer experience and at the same time, save you time and money. It'll save you time because you won't have to haul your computer into a repair shop--we can do it remotely. Saves you money because your security IT technician's time is unlimited --how pro-active will that allow you to be? If you computer blinks call your security technician and have them check it out--it's all part of the service.

When beginner hackers are provided professional cybercriminal tools for the sole purpose of financial gain, what are you going to do? How ironic, for years I've been providing families and small business owners a fully managed computer security service to keep them out of harms-way and invisible to hackers.

And now, organized crime provides a professional how-to on ripping-you-off, complete with an instruction manual on "phishing" and a step-by-step on how to gather sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and even bank account information.

Their service includes online tools, support, how to build a phishing website, and even your email campaigns. And if that isn't enough, the service even includes an auction site to buy and sell your booty.

Fortunately, I have world-class-technologies on my computers and a team of security experts protecting my entire family, as well as my Internet businesses. It's available for you too.

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More Bytes Of Data Than All The Grains Of Sand On All The Worlds Beaches... In Just Three Years. Who Is Going To Be The Behemoth That Analyzes And Stores All That Data?

It's the "information explosion" said Stephen Milton, IDC's vice president of worldwide IT markets and strategies. According to Milton, it's going to be tough for corporations to store all this data and to comply with regulations.

Those who managed to collect and are able to perform a deep analysis of the data will obviously have the advantage. Who do you think already generates 1TB of transactional data a day and is readily working to get to the point of successfully analyzing the data going back and forth on their network... Wall-Mart Stores Inc., are you surprised?

And with all this data comes numerous software vulnerabilities. Here is an interesting point, the IT department now has "a direct impact on the company's top and bottom line," Milton said.

IDC predicts that revenue form security and vulnerability management software will grow 20% equating to $2.27 billion and outpacing the 6% to 7% for software as a whole.

Although most these post reflect a larger picture than the individual PC owner, nonetheless, my laptop and yours plays an important role in all this. Mine is locked down with the best security available for the individual PC owner and backed by a team of IT security experts and my security service includes many additional benefits for my protection. When it's all said and done the majority of all computers on the Internet are in the hands of the consumer, and who better to protect and at the same time remove the use of our PCs from the arsenal of cybercriminals and cyber-terrorists threats that can potentially be used against us.

Protect yourself with the Invisus PC security service referenced on the web site, which I've used for the past three years.

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We Just Keep Giving It Away...

Not long ago, I wrote about spyware and how we should be aware of the EULA (End User License Agreement) and how we willingly give permission to be spied on. Well, guess what... we just keep giving it away.

Soon we'll be getting a call from a pharmaceutical company offering us a laxative because they've noticed we haven't used the facilities lately.

Here's what's happening, the services are being bundled voice-video-cable-Internet, everything. Now, some entity has access to when you talk, what you watch, what's being downloaded, and what your surfing and buying habits are on the web.

Remember the EULA? Time Warner's privacy policy is 3,000-words and yep, you're saying okay... "Watch me now".

Everybody was in an uproar with Google having too much information, now multiply that several times... Internet-TV-Phones, you're painting the "Full Monty" of yourself for everyone to see.

Everything in one basket, how nice and convenient; for whom? Does USA Patriot Act mean anything? How about the warrantless access attempt to a telecoms companies databases? Granted it was shot down earlier this month by a federal judge but of course that will be the end of it... do you really think so?

All these services are convenient but, it was never intended for those who pay for these services to be stripped of their personal and private information and assembled for mass marketing... the personal letter was never allowed to be opened going through the post office mail, so why is e-mail services that are being paid for subject to inspection.

Bottom line, whenever possible, opt-out of service providers sharing your information.

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"An Absolute Incredible Phenomenon Of Extreme Corporate Irresponsibility" Was The Comment Made By Rep. Tom Lantos.

Tom Lantos is the California Democrat who is chairman of the House of Foreign Affairs Committee. Lantos expressed his concern over the development of surveillance systems in China that incorporate in the United States which makes it easier to sell shares to Western investors.

Besides China, London and now Lower Manhattan and other areas of New York are using surveillance cameras. "Is New York a police state?" said Peter Siris, the managing director of two Manhattan hedge funds that invested early in the China Security and Surveillance.

There is a big difference between China and the U.S.; China is a one-party state where power is exercised with few legal restraints.

Even though it's considered appropriate for Americans to invest in legally incorporated firms maybe the concern is more about China on the human rights issue. And how will the advancement of more sophisticated security surveillance affect the future on human rights when there is so little attributed to their people already.

Here's a thought, the surveillance market is expected to expand to 43.1 billion by 2010, compared to 500 million in 2003. "Safe Cities" program, that's reassuring and doesn't that make you feel better. Unfortunately, there are currently 660 cities starting work on high-tech surveillance systems and with a relationship with the Chinese government... that's something to think about.

What about the use of security for controlling of minorities and subduing those who want to speak out against the government, or simply disagree?

This is "Big Brother" and he's bigger than you have ever imagined. And who are "Big Brothers" playmates?

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Please, Get Yourselves Protected - If This Is Only The First... How Many Have Never Been Caught?

It is the first case in the U.S., that an individual has been arrested for committing Identity Theft and fraudulent online transactions using personal information harvested from peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

Thomas Kopiloff was arrested in Seattle and accused of fraudulently buying at least $73,000 worth of merchandise using others identities and financial information. Kopiloff used Limewire and Soulseek to snoop for identity, banking and credit information belonging to others on the file-sharing networks.

We forget how much information we store on our computers. All it takes is a copy of your tax return, maybe a student financial aid application, or a credit report that's been stored on your computer.

The sharing of files or videos are a growing concern and not only is the concern among individuals, there is a larger concern regarding federal and state exposure such as ID card data, passports, Social Security numbers, as well as credit card information and bank account details.

Find out more what the study by Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business had to say about the mining of information from these file-sharing networks.

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Do You Hear All The Clamor? Online Marketers Are Shouting... Get Your Privacy Product Here - Protect Your Identity - But Nobody's Listening

And why is it, with all the attention to Identity Theft that the public won't even pay 25 cents to protect their data? UNBELIEVABLE!

The lists of startups are growing to capture a piece of the new privacy market. There are a number of options listed in this article that you can research but, again it's going to take a service that bundles all these security issues and does it all for you, similar to what is discussed at or available at

As Alessandro Acquisti, assistant professor of information technology and public policy at CMU commented that, "People prefer money over data, always." If only they appreciated the true cost of protecting their good name, as opposed to not protecting it. In the end, it will be prove a lot less to pay now than later.

President and chief scientist, Lance Cottrell, of the privacy service, Anonymizer, stated that most consumers are unaware of how their privacy is slowly siphoned off, which indicated why 80% of their revenue comes from commercial accounts. He refers to it as a death of a thousand cuts.

It's important to erect a small wall around you and protect your presence on the web.

Austin Hill, one of the founders of Zero-Knowledge Systems stated, "But I think as a society we are redefining our understanding of what 'privacy' means, and unfortunately not for the better."

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"Special People Search Engines and The Phenomenon of Social Networking"... That's An Interesting Combination.

I recall an article not long ago suggesting strongly to read the End User License Agreement (EULA) because frequently, we agree to be spied on and aren't even aware that we've done it. Check out the tab... "spyware".

However, what peaked my interest is Rapleaf's "special people search engine" and their gleaming personal information from these social networking sites that it supposes to be unavailable. And even more concerning are the relationship between Rapleaf,, TrustFuse, and some savvy players in the Internet world who understand all to well the importance of information gathering and marketing profiles.

We all need to become, "Responsible Cybercitizens" and stay tuned-in to what is happening on "Your" Internet.

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This Is Private Awareness Week... "Become A Responsible Cybercitizen".

Maybe, this is a good time to review some good-common-sense-practices and learn a few tips on how to avoid being a victim of cybercrime.

Private Awareness Week... "Become A Responsible Cybercitizens".

Maybe this is a good time to review some good-common-sense-practices and learn tips on how to avoid being a victim of cybercrime.

1 Stop leaving so much personal information on message boards and in chat rooms.

2 Read the privacy policies and make an informed decision on how much you’re willing to consent to: “personal privacy” vs. “monetary value”.

3 Emails: Consider them public domain for a moment and available to all those wanting to look. Your boss does have the right to look… keep that in mind.

4 Have another email account for non-personal and non-specific correspondence.

5 Educate you kids… what does a predator look for? How does your personal information link together to form a pattern

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What You Said In Confidence To Your Doctor... Well, A Portal IS Being Constructed Directly Into Your Entire Personal Medical History And That Means Everything and Anything Physical or Mental Ever Said Or Done, Is Open... No Thank You!

This post is less directly related to your online computer security protection but, nonetheless, it is directly related to your future personal privacy as it relates to your medical history and ultimately a potential risk of the theft of your personal identity.

The Electronic Health Records (EHR) is being re-engineered so they can be used by "payers" as fraud-fighting tools. The EHR developers are being asked to build into the system a portal that allows payers to access physicians' EHR's and patients' longitudinal medical records.

Robert Gillman, a lawyer based in Washington D.C., noted his concern about facilitating more sharing of patient data with more people not directly engaged in the treatment of the patient.

Deborah Peel, a psychiatrist, privacy advocate, and head of the Patient Privacy Rights Foundation believes in the restoration of a patient-consent requirement which was amended out of the HIPAA privacy rule by the Bush administration in 2002. Deborah Peel commented that the report proposes to violate every American's health privacy to detect health care fraud.

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SOPHOS Beats McAfee And Symantec In An Independent Review

If you want to know and have the best anti-virus, then you need to read the following review. Unfortunately, Sophos doesn't market to the general public but, fortunately through a unique partnership with Invisus who provides the first best-of-breed, fully Managed Internet Security Service for the masses, Sophos, is available and one of several layers included in the Invisus best-of-breed.

Want to know more about a best-of-breed and a managed security... click on the appropriate tabs.

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The Phishing "" Has Netted A Biblical Catch: 1.6 Million Resumes

In a previous post, I referenced the news regarding "" being hacked and 1.6 million resumes hooked and reeled in.

John P. Mello Jr., of "E-Commerce Times", describes it as "A Favorite Phishing Hole for Spammers",how appropriate. Resumes are like a distressed, bleeding, and injured fish swimming among a feeding frenzy of sharks when it comes the perfect Phishing bait for cybercriminals.

Please be careful and be aware so you don't end-up on the filleting table, with your identity gutted.

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NOT AGAIN!... 1.6 Million Compromised And At Risk, "" Is Hached!

Why add insult to injury or rub salt in the wound... again hackers have successfully stolen 1.6 million records and this time it was "" It's bad enough that your personal information has been stolen, now you may be the future target of Identity Theft. If that's not concern enough, the stolen information was used to send phishing schemes to unsuspecting users of, enticing them to download a useful piece of software as a recruitment tool. Unfortunately, it was a Trojan horse that encrypted their files and held them for ransom until payment was made.

Just another example why it is so important for the general public to learn about the fully Managed Internet Security Service offered through "New Internet Security," and powered by Invisus Direct's PC security. The salt added to these victim's wounds, inflicted by's breach in security, may have prevented. A fully managed Internet security service would have caught the Trojan horse and prevented it from infiltrating the end-users computer, and spared these victims any further frustrations or hassles.

It's imperative that we take the necessary steps to protect our families and small businesses from the pervasive and pandemic attacks from the cybercriminals. We need to become "Responsible Cybercitizens."

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