Identity Theft - It's Your Identity... Defend It !

Identity theft is a huge problem, it is the fastest growing white collar crime in the world (FTC) and you are more likely to become a victim of ID theft than you are to be in a car accident or develop heart disease. (2000 Census; 2004 Bureau of Transportation Statistics; 2006 FTC Report)

Young adults between 18 and 25, especially college students, are the most vulnerable group for ID theft, accounting for 29% of all ID theft victims. (2006 FTC Report) And 75% of the counties in the U.S. use social security numbers on public documents. Unfortunately, 12% of identity theft victims end up with a wrongful criminal record.

Since January of 2005 over 165 million records containing personal information such as social security numbers, drivers licenses, date of birth, bank account #s, etc., were lost or stolen from companies, organizations and agencies nationwide. That's 55% of the total U.S. population.

Identity theft is the greatest threat to your personal privacy and your financial security today: Do Not Ignore It!

And be aware that credit fraud is NOT true identity theft; it is only 33% and only the tip of the iceberg. Beneath that tip is 67% which is the non-credit ID theft: medical expenses, Social Security benefits, checking accounts, driver's licenses, bankruptcy, 401k, passports, etc.

You should know that "Credit Monitoring" does NOT prevent ID theft, along with "credit fraud alerts which is only a small part of the problem.

The truth is you Can Not prevent ID theft but, you can protect yourself against the devastating consequences of identity theft.

Don’t be fooled about myths regarding Identity Theft “Prevention”:

    1. Credit monitoring will not prevent ID theft
    2. Placing a fraud alert on your credit – doesn’t work (50% of the time credit is still issued to the thief)
    3. Companies focusing on just credit fraud - the reason being it’s cheap and easy. It’s only part of the problem.

What is "True Identity Protection"? It's about protecting your "whole identity", not just your credit. Identity protection is protection for your whole family and pro actively watching out for all forms of identity theft, including credit fraud. And in the event the unthinkable does happen you have trained professionals in place with a truly comprehensive identity recovery service to handle it all for you from beginning to end.

The ultimate service will provide Credit Monitoring - Identity Monitoring - Full Identity Recovery - and Legal Services Plan membership not just to help you but, to prosecute and incarcerate the identity thieves.

Credit monitoring will monitor all three credit bureaus for you, notify you of any suspicious activity, provide free credit reports from all 3 bureaus sent to your home several times each year and assist you in reading and understanding your reports.

Identity Monitoring will track your name and social security number, not your credit report. The monitoring will include proactive screening of thousands of public records, national databases, and underground Internet black markets and provide the customer with an "Identity Risk Score"... your vulnerability rating.

Full Identity Recovery covers all types of ID theft and provides a personal recovery advocate assigned to you who handles everything for you: research, paperwork, disputes, credit repair... everything. It's a personalized recovery plan that also coordinates with law enforcement to track down your thief and put them behind bars. In addition the service includes $25,000 identity theft expense reimbursement insurance.

Finally, "True Identity Protection" will include a "Legal Services Plan Membership that provides you advice, reviews of legal documents, written letters on your behalf, unlimited phone and face-to-face conversations, discounted and fixed legal fees for more extensive matters and representation and many other benefits.

There is a new subscription-based service that provides all these identity monitoring benefits: “iDefend”. "iDefend" is only one component part of a comprehensive Managed Security Computer Service available for the first time for families and small business owners. Included in your choice of subscription-based services but, not discussed here are: iClean – iCare - iSafe – iSimplify. These services give you more of what you need – your time. We do that by eliminating the consuming and frustrating hassles with your computer. We’ll take complete care of your computer, so you can spend more valuable time on more important things.

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