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You may think you have WiFi Wireless Security, but if you're operating a on a wireless network at home, or place of business, you are susceptible to being broken into and having important information stolen or destroyed. It doesn't require any sophistication for someone to easily crack your security, any individual can download free tools off the Internet) and access everything that goes across your network. Unfortunately, that includes your passwords, emails, personal information, credit card numbers, etc.

Your WiFi wireless security network is like walking around with walkie-talkies... Everybody is listening.

The best four (4) WiFi Security Tips and six (6) WiFi Myths.

If you're at home, at work, or at a public access point and you're using a wireless network to get on the Internet, you must understand no matter how convenient it is to be mobile and wireless, there is a price being paid. Your WiFi wireless is leaking your information and whatever you send or receive can be viewed by anyone that has wifi capability within the vicinity. That means someone can read your emails, see your passwords, see what online bank you use, and see information and forms which you fill out on online (and that's just for starters). There is a vast amount of information available on the Internet on wireless security and it's available for any Ton, Dick, or Harry. Go ahead. Try searches like "cracking wep", "cracking wpa", and "wireless security". You'll find plenty of technical information and proof that no off the shelf wireless products are secure. After you've read about how insecure wireless is, don't forget to come back here and see how we can secure your wireless for you.

Wireless Without Worry

Attention all Brokers - Associate Brokers - Agents - and all your clients. After eighteen years in real estate, fifteen of those years as Broker/Owner of First American Realty Group, L. C., I am now your Online Security Authority.You read that right... do yourself and your clients a favor. If they're not important enough, do it for your children and your clients children. You want to maintain a presence all year round in your clients face 24/365 - protect their children. David C Ballard

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